The Return of Those Who Fly (II)

One Vision to Resist the Singular Vision (And it’s not where you’d expect)

I recently became sweetly obsessed with Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, and I know when that happens, a story is getting reactivated in the collective consciousness, in the form of a new film, a sequel, a documentary, etc. Whether that means “I sense a disturbance in the Force” is yet to be seen, but what this sweet state always does is to quickly put me up to speed with everything of interest. I was right: 2020 will see the opening of the Amphipolis tomb, Great Alexander’s monument to his Hephaestion, to the public. (Source of news:

I’ve now compiled a playlist of songs and music videos on the topic, which I will share with you. You may wonder what some worship songs are doing on this list. To quote a friend, “Perhaps through the Dreamers of yesteryear, the meaning will reveal itself to all.”

I grew up with the Heroic Tradition, myself. Most of my life I believed that seeing those Heroes as being Lovers was my special Secret, something only I could do. Even after discovering others had the same alternative vision as me, I couldn’t yet perceive that the Heroic Tradition was – in fact – deliberately aimed at tomboys like me, more than at men, regardless of what historians will tell you about heroic myths being used to teach the men of Greece a combination of racism and misogyny. Initiates didn’t write for those men. Much less told us women that we are slaves to our passions. Instead, they were our allies and understood our passion well. Our literature teacher’s conspiring glint in her eyes, when she explained the adventures of Enkidu and Gilgamesh, makes perfect sense now! Haha.

It was watching a rerun of Oliver Stone’s Alexander (2004) which brought me this realization, that my friend was right about the Dreamers of the past. Regardless of what the myths were used for in antiquity, it is still for us tomboys to decide on the final interpretation, and I choose love. Why? Because without us “Babylons” (Barbelon, a son who is a girl; also Bab’illi “Gate of the Luminous Beings” such as the Ishtar Gate featured in the film), there is no “gay identity” to which the Heroes could refer, on a personal level, and which could thus be reflected in myth to convince the naysayers before we tomboys get here. Since the Heroes were still taught misogyny for the most part, they found it difficult to engage in their own relationship fully, as it would bring to mind female behaviour – or that “darkness” which was the ultimate clue.

Again, what’s with the worship songs? :)))

A God, as Alexander turned his love into (by petitioning the Oracle of Siwa) is your Soul Mate… the only person who makes you feel this amazing, and you do the same for him. So it’s kind of important, spiritually, that it isn’t just friendship or camaraderie here, or even a brotherly recognition of queerness, if we grant someone divine status and decide to go on a pilgrimage (count me in! but just saying). Asexuality is real sexuality as well, just very much misunderstood, because certain gestures, etc. are ascribed a lesser meaning than they have for the asexual person (the embrace is a huge example of this). Calling the relationship with your God “romantic, but not sexual” is an artificial division, and indirectly offensive – a Victorian throwback to fears or disdain of surrendering to so-called lower passions (what I see into Alexander’s fear, as he kept such needs separate from the one he sought to protect). In truth, there is nothing low or high about purity of the heart, just connection; it’s pulling away from it that hurts your mate. I can imagine the Oracle of Siwa asking, like in the comedy film The Terminal: “Where’s your green form? I can’t do anything without it. Go to the wall. NEXT! Sir… your light green form?” – but in this case the light green form is true love, and the Oracle would know that. If you don’t have a psychosexual connection  (though claims to be a single body with him, or veiled declarations like “Take, take without ever regretting it!” are all evidence to the contrary…), then he’s not your Soul Mate, therefore not a romantic link, therefore not the Divine Hero you wish. However, it’s often very hard to be yourself in this world, so that’s probably why it took eight months to figure out an answer.  

During the single-standardization of spirituality by the Christian Empire, several cults of the Divine Heroes (Bismillah, “In the name of the Perfect Human Being”) were suppressed, either eradicated or merged with the new religion. It’s time we recovered from that. The Perfect Human is not a singular pattern, nor is it an elite collective as such… it is the Perfection which exists in the eyes of the Beloved and this was the ancient spirituality or Dream. Religion would have you believe that by striving for moral superiority over other people, you alone will somehow escape that hidden Disaster recorded in books like the Bible (asteroid impact, an extinction-level event). This is nonsense. The only way to escape is if ALL PEOPLE stand united, and thus the information about the Lightbody Perfection is released (which has a part to play in the protection of the planet, and is central to any form of participation in the cosmic). An asteroid-type object will not look to swerve left or right because of your beliefs or the next person’s.

But back to this playlist for now: I added some songs that connect to when Alexander mysteriously dreamed about “finding immortality in darkness” and he was told to look for the initiates of that ancient knowledge. This in turn led me to The Lord of the Rings and then to Zeus abducting Ganymede, the symbol of the ‘Eagle and Child’ pub in Oxford where the Rings story was developed. The rest you may discover for yourself. Right now, I cannot stop laughing because one time, my rebel-hearted friend (disappointingly) called worship hymns “quite relaxing, actually” but I had no clue what that really meant! hahahaha! They do sound very gay and chill-out, don’t they… It makes sense, since Jesus did describe himself as gay and divine. Whoops! So I stand corrected. (I should’ve remembered King David’s music was the same, and that he and Jonathan were of the same Heroic Tradition. My problem was with the religious groups’ horrible effects on people via their teachings, which of course aren’t as attuned to queer takes on theology as the music can be; but these days I understand more about how running away from our pain conditions us down the line. It’s the Soul Mate’s pull that stands against this conditioning. It is said the death of Alexander the Great was a mystery, that the doctors couldn’t figure it out and just gave it the general name “fever”… not because the science wasn’t advanced – remember the lost Library of Alexandria – but because this fever acted strangely. And this reminds me of the initial stages when the ill*uminated ones experience symptoms like the flu… So perhaps it wasn’t an emotional downward spiral entirely, but a sacred process of devotion such as the one described in Sufi traditions, where Lovers become apparently ill. It was this appearance of illness that frightened the people of old against becoming involved with Those Who Fly, and contributed to the latter’s twisted image as vampires.)


The final resting place of Achilles and Patroclus is not the official tomb built for them in Troy. As it turns out, it is the White Island in the Black Sea, a rock also known as Serpent Island, where I spent many holidays dreaming as a kid – that’s where I made my promise, swimming in the sea… “The Serpents” is a name for those true initiates, the immortal Elves or Illi, who are distinguished by their fun-loving nature, sexiness, meditative disposition, androgyny, and of course by “Dor” – the Romanian poetic tradition of Cosmic Longing for the Beloved. By the way, I get such a kick out of so many videos using scenes from Ollie Stone’s movie with Romanian subtitles left in! (There is a prophecy out there that when we discover Hercules’ gear buried in the mountains, we will become “Defenders of Men” – “Alexandros” – and that’s when the Light will return. Cool!)

According to the book The Persians by Gene R. Garthwaite, Zeus of the Greeks was the same deity as Ahura Mazda from Zoroastrianism, and influenced history thus: the cosmic dualism of Ahura and Ahriman was used by the Persian Empire to keep the many ethnicities tight under its rule, via religion – by promoting an “us vs. them” vision they could justify that some people are born to rule over others because the former are taught to stand above “lower passions” (the connection with the Earth that native cultures had). The Magi, who travelled the world in opposition to this oppressive system, promoted a subversive “heresy” instead: the original non-dual spirit called Zurvan, who represents Time after the Fall of the Axis and was androgynous, held the keys to the Universe – via a particular form of Axis-shifting astrology that Jesus was later seen promoting (“Cast your nets again”).

Lastly, in response to queries about Alexander being an enslaver (I’d say just very driven overall, and coming down from such highs is a pain, as the Persians can tell you): there is no problem worshiping a human as a Divine Hero, because the Soul is non-dualistic: it is continuous with both the person, the human, as well as plant-life, animals, God, and the Vision itself (my favourite scene in the Alexander film is when he flashes this huge, childlike grin, discovering monkeys have hands just like ours). Note, however, that this type of worship is DARK, always has been: Khemetic, or black, meaning “to see in the dark” – the mystical flash through which we see is the Soul Mate of that person, who is in turn given as the True Hero, by the Hero. It is like a gift, not like a system from on high. So by doing this, you are also highlighting your Soul Mate, and shifting the Axis to its rightful position. Exploration Nation, here we go.

  1. Kutless – Promise of a Lifetime
  2. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel
  3. Lee Ryan – Don’t Leave Me
  4. 30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill (Bury Me)
  5. Sanctus Real – Love Like Yours
  6. Andreea Bălan – Zizi (You Are My Sun)
  7. David Gray – Babylon
  8. Don McLean – Babylon
  9. The Outfield – Voices of Babylon
  10. Avicii feat. Sandro Cavazza – Without You
  11. Avicii feat. Adam Lambert – Lay Me Down
  12. Tolkien Ensemble – Verse of the Rings
  13. Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence (original version 1964)
  14. Ganymed – It Takes Me Higher
  15. ABBA – When I Kissed The Teacher
  16. Google Translate Sings Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
  17. Adam Lambert – Lucy (feat. Brian May)
  18. WWRY Musical London – We Will Rock You (“thunderbolts and lightning” scene)
  19. Hillsong Worship – I Surrender
  20. David & Jonathan – Lovers of the World Unite

BONUS for super-geeks: Sprechen Sie Attisch? – a sample of how conversations between our Heroes may have sounded in Attic Greek. It may prove useful on a pilgrimage. O haire!