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My porcelain tableware is intended to create a magic atmosphere in the home by accompanying fabulous dinners, potlucks, or everyday mindful meals.


The Fairy or ‘La Péri’ in French embodies the playful spirit I seek to infuse into my crafts, including vegan interpretations of Persian-Asian cuisine. I drew the Fairy in 2003 – shortly before my first brush with the vegan community in New Zealand. I like to create lots of different decorative objects that bring joy to everyday life.

‘Pene de Măiastră’, meaning “Phoenix feathers” in Romanian, is what I call the entire catalogue of my designs for decorating porcelain. They are inspired by my travels and by art history. The Phoenix reference from Persia was chosen because the porcelain must be fired in a kiln for the colours to be permanently set, so there is a transformation through the element of fire which stabilizes a permanent aspect (the soul). Likewise, the Phoenix bird is described as intensely beautiful, dressed in dazzling colours, and was the symbol of humanity as a whole. The Romanian version of the Phoenix is a Master of Fairyland, depicted as androgynous, who flies heroes across different realms for them to gain the necessary insight (every skill in general is called ‘măiestrie’). In this sense the Măiastră is a psychopomp, a transitional guide. This symbolism inspires me when creating objects that may become unique gifts at an important moment in someone’s life, or when offering therapeutic art workshops.

Materials & Equipment

My selection is feldspathic porcelain, a mineral variety that contains no animal products, unlike bone china. It can be recognized by a more greyish or bluish tint and a sturdier consistency. Careful research goes into ensuring that the cruelty-free standard is met at all stages of production. Likewise, the non-toxic standard is ensured by the technical process of firing the overglaze painting, using lead-free pigments suitable for tableware.

Note: the finished products are suitable for dishwashers, but not for microwave ovens if painted with gold or other metallic lusters.