Au Chou Frisé

Au Chou Frisé by Adina Ispas
Pene de Măiastră, 2013
Porcelain: IKEA Romania
Combining simple patterns meant to recall an imaginary French bistro, Au Chou Frisé  – “At The Ruffled Kale” – was my first collection designed specifically for vegan tearooms, cafés, restaurants or shops. This project made me into a detective trying to figure out the name, looks, and uses of kale in different countries. And it seems I was not alone: As it turns out, kale was a forgotten vegetable, so it is quite fascinating to witness the process of its reemergence. This is also why I drew the leaf shape a bit differently from the real thing. While I do not subscribe to the marketing hype around “superfoods,” the clues I gathered about kale inform me that it used to be a staple in the royal diet. This reminded me how in France this veg is carved into old limestone chapels. Someone then suggested it is one of those rare foods which balance all your chakras in one go. Ah, then it all made sense (and suddenly all the celebs being on high alert for this obscure and humble green got me chuckling)… kale is like true love!