Endogenous Morphine

Endogenous Morphine is a collection of Nordic Shamanism artworks dedicated to Finnish fellow artist Sauli Koskinen, based on the songs from Dancing On Ice 2013 – my technique here is “unwrapping” each song and listening to what it says, and to what the songs say when taken together. Putting myself in the place of the person who chose to represent each song’s emotions at that moment in time allows me to mirror the knowledge, or feeling, that he gains from such performative communication with the spirit world. Endorphins (the endogenous opioid system) are hormones released by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in response to pain or stress, producing an overall feeling of well-being, and making it possible to continue pushing one’s limits past the mental resistance to change. Like a drug, they too can become addictive. But it was not the endorphins themselves I saw inspire the world athletes competing in the Olympics when I was a child, so the title was chosen a bit in jest. My true focus is on revealing the spiritual communication hidden, just barely, underneath the surface: as a child I would often notice that the show which connected most with the audience was always aimed at one person in particular, someone held within thought or imagination, and this imaginative process was what allowed the performer to express with full conviction (and win). Working on this project, I watched how a number of my deep-seated beliefs were being radically restructured and, as a result, I experienced some very interesting effects on my dream-world.    



  The titles are of my artworks, followed in brackets by the original song titles. The songs can be found here.

1. The Other Side of the World (Maailman toisella puolen). A double meaning: exploring far-away places and seeing the hidden sorrows that exist in the world.  

2. Endogenous Morphine (Aamu)

3. The Black Sea Hypothesis (Drink Up Me Hearties). A tanned Scandinavian-Asian pirate hero is entrusted with retrieving the royal treasures of his people. At his back, the Ogre-like pirate villain will stop at nothing to get those treasures for himself. 

4. Old Friends (Wannabe). Friendship never ends. 

5. Sinda (Jai Ho!)

6. O sole mio (It’s My Life). The rabbit in this popular Russian cartoon valiantly defends the wolf from the communal punishment devised for him by native tribes who had seen the cartoon on tv and thought the wolf chasing the rabbit was evil.

7. United Drug (All That Jazz). Of problematic representations and the dichotomy of intentions vs. bias.

8. (Vogue) 

9. The Call of the Sea (Minä ja hän)

10. Not Through Lack of Vigilance (Feeling Good). There is something in the forest.

11. Eyeliner (Nuori ja kaunis). Nuori ja kaunis is a song from the soundtrack of the coming-of-age film Elokuu (2011). The somewhat naïve, contemplative protagonist explores his rebellious romantic self.  

12. The Dragon of the North (Show Me How You Burlesque). Estonian fairytales and pole-dancing controversy.

13. Leviathan (Drink Up Me Hearties – reprise). Channeling angels in the new age.

14. (Sun särkyä anna mä en)

Lyrics | Versuri

Maailman toisella puolen (Haloo Helsinki!) Nyt hihnalle laukku Ja viimeinen kuppi naamaan Kohta pilvien päältä Voin muistaa tämän maan Ei mulla oo tarkkaa suuntaa Mä menen minne sattuma johtaa Mulla on mukana kuvat Mutta katseet eivät kohtaa Isä olen täällä maailman toisella puolen, ja laulan pappadaduda pappappa duudadappa Äiti älä pelkää kyllä pidän itsestä huolen, … Continue reading Lyrics | Versuri