Songs of Mer

Songs of Mer is an analogue photography series from 2004, featuring beaches and tidal reliefs of New Zealand’s North Island. It was inspired by a dream.

“I awoke in a riverbed, trying to make sense of my cradle made of sand, pebbles and shells. It felt cool to the touch, yet I was not cold, indeed it was comfortable just to lie there undisturbed, my consciousness spread out through the strange patterns etched in mud. But I soon felt the questioning of my own mind, asking me to stand up and walk around. Then I saw I was not alone there. My brothers and sisters had taken shape from the river’s silt deposits. There were small groups of us gathered in curiosity by the riverbank. A wise shaman was telling us a story about the Sun, we were to follow the Sun on our journey of life. We pictured his words in our minds, and were filled with excitement for the great adventure being proposed.”