In The Beloved’s Wonderful Game

Featuring a poem by Persian Sufi poet Hafiz, this collection is based around the traditional teardrop or seed-of-life pattern found in Persian, Indian and Welsh fabrics (also called paisley or Welsh pears). The ocean, the fish, and my trademark calligraphic section complete the design. The colour palette references a theme I’ve discovered in the history of porcelain: from an obscure Persian dish, found again in collectors’ Gaudy Welsh items, and finishing with a sumptuous French vase which updates these previous designs into a Baroque version.


Formerly designed in 2010 around a brief by Wagner Arte Frumoase și Povești, In The Beloved’s Wonderful Game first enjoyed popularity in herbal tones of green, with Wagner motifs  – lace, dots, minimalist floral patterns – applied to different areas of the porcelain object to emphasize its particular shape.