Axis Mundi

“As the symbolism and conceptions behind the Raising of the Djed, the Crucifixion and Ma’at all appear to suggest, all this points to a long-forgotten human desire to raise the Earth’s axis back to its rightful position so that we are reconnected again to God.”

“… it appears that the ‘Raising of the Djed’ (axis mundi) was the same theme that had been written into the Gospels as the device of the tilted (carried) and then ‘raised up Cross’ on which Jesus was crucified and from which he was then able to enter the Heavenly Kingdom. It is a fact that the powerbrokers of the Church chose some Gospels over others which they omitted and also altered the Gospels they chose to suit their own ends, and so the irony here is that it is also possible that the Church adopted the ‘believed’ IDEAL, favourable conditions associated with an upright axis, that was believed could take us away from all the misery associated with Earth changes involving earthquakes, floods etc., while at the same time suppressing any mention that the Earth is actually tilted and suppressing anything associated with the original messianic mythos related to the universal ‘resurrection god’, who in his own resurrection also returns the axis to a vertical position so as to bring an end to these global calamities and for the reasons given above. These powerbrokers had to omit this element because it would reveal that the Earth is indeed tilted and not perfect.” 

“From my research into these references and the cross-referencing of significant data relating to them, one is compelled to look into the possibility that long ago something dramatic happened to the Earth which caused it to tilt – almost causing the death of the human race and everything on the Earth. All this would explain why the angle of 23.5 degrees is referenced in sources that express both themes – i.e., illumination and enlightenment, and also death – meaning the near death of the human race due to the catastrophe that had once befallen the Earth, and could again, or so it was/is believed. The theme of decay, war, conflict and ruin (imbalance), in which this angle can also be found repeatedly, appears to be associated with the symbolic ’death’ of the human race as a whole, in that man’s present condition is that his direct line with the Creator has been ‘severed’ by the tilt of the Earth, and so only those who have become enlightened, and have been able to attain that link and maintain it by remaining balanced and centred in mind and body, can pass on through the ’Hall of Judgement’ as was once believed and make it into heaven, and so perhaps reverse this situation for all by presenting themselves as an example.” (Gary Osborn: Axis of God)

1. Memories Asunder/2004Ink, pencil, watercolour, oil pastels, charcoal; calendar layout in QuarkXPress. From the Middle-earth series.

2 & 3. The Garden Under The Graveyard Bridge/2006. Photos taken in the historical Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland.

4. Ma’at/2010. Wood board prepared and painted with Ancient Egyptian mural techniques.

5. The Wolf-Dragon of the Getae/2012. A dream from early on in the year.

  • 2012: I discover Axis of God later in the year
  • 2013: the Chelyabinsk meteor, “a wake-up call for Earth”