Luana’s Kingdom

“Luana was of old a wise king, a god or powerful being such as those we called Enți, masters of ceremonies. In his city, Luana had devised a sun that blazed above the city walls day and night, guarding the land and its long-lived people. But one day, enemy warriors clad in metal armour came here with chariots of fire and struck down the sun of Luana. The earth then shook from its foundations, destroying the city and claiming the knowledge of the ancients into the depths of time. For an age afterwards, nothing grew there anymore, and no man nor any beast dared to make their way across the desolation left by the blast. Many a hapless traveller on Luana’s old road would vanish, never to be seen again by the living – though a few returned to tell tales of a grey world where they had wandered for a time as if through a mist. Luana alone knew the secret of the Water of Life, and would guide the people to find the wellspring of everlasting life. When they searched for it on their own, the Water turned to poison as they drank it and they died. Of these things is told in the secret signs from the cave of the wise hermit.” (A legend from Buzău, Romania)

Memories Asunder


Sam’s Visions

Epilogue (Questions & Answers)


The Sea/2006. “Elanor was silent for some time before she spoke again. ‘I did not understand at first what Celeborn meant when he said goodbye to the King. But I think I do now. He knew that Lady Arwen would stay, but that Galadriel would leave him. I think it was very sad for him. And for you, dear Sam-dad. For your treasure went too. I’m glad Frodo of the Ring saw me, but I wish I could remember seeing him.’ “ (J.R.R. Tolkien, unpublished epilogue to The Lord of the Rings)