Trespassing Challenge

This challenge from 2012 involved creating a fan video for Adam Lambert’s single Trespassing. I set up a science-fiction photoshoot using three different outfits and environments. In the story, I play rebel Twins who feel out of place in their respective realities. They are led to discover they each carry a “Trespassing implant” which helps them to disbelieve in their surroundings, but also to visit the other’s world. The final image is of a joined reality in which both worlds are transformed. (This project turns out to have been my second early channelling of something called the “tilted Earth Axis theory,” which I discovered online a few months later in 2013.)

Director & photographer: Smaranda.

Lifting the Axis

Rebel 1

Rebel 2


(i.e. true ascension is more like a two-way swinging door)